I founded this site to launch my candidacy, but it is intended to be used by the community in the future and, therefore, now includes general information as well.

With regard to my candidacy, I offer the following sections:

  1. My qualifications to run for office (click here)
  2. My platform, (click here)
  3. My general education (click here)
  4. My candidacy statements set forth on the Rancho Heights.com (click here)
  5. Future proposed safety projects (click here).
  6. Letters between myself and Committee members (click here).
  7. A general letter to the community that will arrive only a few days before the election (click here).
  8. Letters from the community (click here). These are not my opinions but those of other candidates or community members. I do not take responsibility for any comments made by them. I will not allow inappropriate (distasteful), material to be published. Any candidate or unrelated community member who wants to make a statement on this section of my website may do so by contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  9. Voting Proxy

The section titled documents (click here) includes general, official and public communications and documents. If you review some of these you may arrive at an independent overview of the legal basis (or lack thereof) about committee conduct, including projects related to (and not related to) road maintenance.

Finally, there is a forum section (click here). This is designed for community dialogue. It gives the opportunity to interact with other resident or landowners on this site. It will bring general transparency to all sorts of opinions about all sorts of problems.

Thank you for visiting this site. With your input it can be improved and help move the community forward to lasting peace and prosperity.

Up until the election, and possibly beyond, this site will be updated on a daily basis. If you would like to be notified of updates please provide your email and we will notify you as updates occur.